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Reyes Enterprises

Reyes Enterprises is a leading design and marketing studio.

The Studio designs and markets women’s designer apparel and a collection of consumer products that are manufactured and marketed through an extensive network.

Its product lines include Lifestyle Brands consisting of fashion compresssion hosiery, under the brand TRAMPS, women's sweaters, sportswear, athletic performance apparel, luxury handbags, small leather goods, and one of a kind signature furniture pieces.

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  • Spring Sweaters
  • Print Designs
  • TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery

The TR Sweater Collection

  • "Bryelle" Sweater

    Silk cashmere intarsia

  • "Bryce" Sweater High Gloss

    Five-point pointelle

  • "Christina" Skull Sweater

    Fourteen-gauge intarsia luxe rayon

  • The "Davina" Love Letter Tank

    Nine-gauge silk cashmere pointelle intarsia

  • "Bryce" Sweater Pure White

    Five-point pointelle

  • "Annabelle" Sweater

    Silk cashmere fourteen-gauge layer over a 12 mm silk georgette

TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery

About Tomas Reyes

With extensive experience and a transformational vision, Tomas' studio consistently strives for the highest excellence with unique process of discovery.

His brand is presently being built to maintain this integrity and constantly strives for its peak connectivity to its current demographics.

Born in Texas with an acute sense for beauty and design, Tomas spent the majority of his life pursuing excellence, embracing market trends and staying current to specific demographics.

Join Tomas in discussions about design and beauty on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and his personal blog.

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